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NBMBAA Five Channels of Programming

To best serve the needs of our members, the NBMBAA® Program Suite is tailored to
Five Channels.


Develop capacity for learning to absorb and apply knowledge and complete academically


Access messenger development opportunities to acquire, new skills, incompetencies into advance in their career


Develop the ability to lead, to utilize resources, teaching outcomes and to navigate challenges



Provide a sense of community to positively impact quality of life and personal growth



Improves financial literacy and wellness and increases access to entrepreneurship opportunities

Leaders of Tomorrow

Since its beginning in 1991, the Leaders of Tomorrow® Program (LOT®) has mentored talented high school students aspiring towards leadership roles in professional fields. Through participation in the program, students better understand the importance of giving back to their communities and their level of expectation is raised. LOT activities are focused on four pillars of programming to provide a well-rounded youth development approach to impacting high school students: Leadership, Financial Literacy, College Preparation and Career Preparation. The LOT Program operates August through May. The program offers students resources, knowledge and opportunities in the way of mentoring relationships and scholarships.

To serve as mentors and resources to minority high school students, improve student academic and leadership skills, and increase their ability to enter and excel once in college.

The NBMBAA Indianapolis Chapter’s local implementation of the national program will achieve the mission by equipping our students to develop leadership skills, serve within their communities, refine their communication skills, increase their financial literacy, plan for college and explore various careers, through various workshops and community service events.

The Leaders of Tomorrow® Program Indianapolis Chapter operates workshops between September and May as well as facilitate community service activities.

During the workshops, the future students develop advanced skills and understanding in many areas, including:

* College preparation

* Professional and career development

* Leadership and management

* Networking

* Community engagement

* Public speaking

* Analytical and critical thinking

* Habits and goal setting 

In 2002, several local NBMBAA® chapters (Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Houston and Dallas) established the Leaders of Tomorrow® (LOT) Student Case Competition to increase student participation in LOT® Program activities; improve the students analytical and presentation skills; and increase interaction with other students in LOT® Programs across the country.

The four chapters also wanted to provide an alternative resource for corporate sponsors and higher education institutions to recruit high school talent, while helping to support the goals of the LOT® Program and the Organization.

The aforementioned objectives were met during the first competition in Atlanta, by awarding scholarships to two winning teams – in the amount $400 – giving students an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, problem-solving skills, analytical proficiency and presentation abilities to corporate executives and professors judging the competition.

The Competition has since developed into a three day event, where students participate in a college tour, are acknowledged in an awards ceremony and are provided opportunities to interact with their peers in a collegiate setting.

Since the initial competition, participation and scholarship funding for the LOT Case Competition has expanded to include more than 20 chapters. Scholarship awards for the winning teams have increased to $12,000, with the help of our title sponsor Exxon Mobil.

The Competition’s location rotates yearly and is supported by a local chapter and held at a local university.

Since 1991, LOT students from as far away as the United Kingdom and South Africa have met annually to learn from the best minds in the world to explore their career and college opportunities.

The Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) Annual Conference is an intensive sun-up to sun-down challenge designed to help minority youth learn how to maximize their potential in both the short and long terms. Much more than a series of inspirational speeches, the conference will give LOT students from across the country and around the globe the tools they need to develop a vision, develop action plans, and measure progress towards their goals.

The Leaders of Tomorrow Program welcomes professionals from various industries or graduate students to share their experience and expertise with our student leaders. If you are interested in serving as a guest speaker, please the LOT Director for more information.

If you are interested in learning more about LOT including receiving an application or serving as a mentor or guest speaker, please contact the LOT Director at

The NBMBAA Indianapolis Chapter hosts an annual golf outing to raise funds to support the Leaders of Tomorrow® Program. This event is held at a prime golfing location in the Indianapolis community. The event which is open to the public, is a great way to donate to the educational future of our youth.

To receive more information about the LOT Golf Outing, please contact the LOT Golf Outing Chair – Michael Florence Email:

The NBMBAA Indianapolis Chapter would like to thank our title sponsor – Eli Lilly & Company and all of our sponsors for their continued support.

NBMBAA® hosted the first Leaders of Tomorrow® conference in 1991 as a way to mentor talented youth aspiring to leadership roles in professional fields. Since its inception, LOT® has evolved into a comprehensive programmatic approach for providing leadership development to young people. Today, the program is driven by a strong mentoring component across four areas: Leadership, Financial Literacy, College Preparation and Career Preparation. The program offers participants resources, knowledge and opportunities in the way of scholarships, internships and mentoring relationships.

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